About Us

Easily one of the most interesting instruments in existence, the ukulele is known for its beautiful, unique, soft tone. It’s hard to believe that the four strings that make up this “tiny guitar” can create such an alluring sound, but we are here to show you exactly how.

Ukulele Channel will teach you everything you could want to know about the ukulele. We’ll learn about its layout: the strings, pegs, frets and pitches. We’ll discuss all you need to know to tune it so that each song you play produces the natural, melodic timbre the strings are known for.

You’ll learn how to place your hands on the frets and manipulate the strings so that you become a pro at every possible chord combination. It’s okay if your knowledge is limited – We will teach you all you need to know as you start from the beginning and learn from the ground up!

The basic chord knowledge you’ll gain from this website will help you to play beautiful songs, music that will transport you to another time and place as you skillfully impress your audiences. The learning guide provided here teaches you everything you could need to know.

Our vast knowledge and high skill of this remarkable instrument will help you as you begin to learn how to play. There is not a question you can come up with that we won’t be able to answer!

We are so glad you found us. Join us on the exciting journey that comes from learning a new instrument.
There is none more exciting or unique than the ukulele, and you’ve found the perfect place with the most extensive learning guide that will teach you everything you need to know.

We can’t wait to start exploring with you!