If you want to learn how to learn ukulele songs, many great ukulele apps are available to make it not only easy to learn but fun as well. Many of the apps available to help you to learn ukulele are inexpensive or even free and will make learning a new skill much more enjoyable and more comfortable to stick to.


This is a free app that will teach you how to play over 1700 new songs as you learn ukulele songs. The songs are offered in a way that is a lot like karaoke, and they have simple chords with acoustic backing track and lyrics that are adjustable. All it takes is a few minutes each day, and you will be a uke master in no time. This app is free, but it does cost $60 for the year which may be a bit spendy for some.

Real UkuleleFree – Tabs, Chords, and Songs on Uke

This app has the option to play in solo mode, you can play strumming patterns, and you can quickly learn the chords with this app. Unfortunately, it does not have an option for left-handed players to reverse the strings to accommodate a left-handed player. There is also sound when switching chords which make it somewhat unrealistic.

The Ukuleleapp Tabs & Chords

Ukulele Tabs & Chords
Price: Free+

This Uke app has left, and right-handed modes and you can bookmark your favourite artist. It is also available in 12 languages. There are ads, though.

The Toolkit – Tools of Tuner and Chord for Uke

This one has a precise tuner and precision metronome. It also has scales and chord sets as well as interactive Uke tabs. It has chord reverse search, chord progression, and many other features. The con of this app is that it is not free, but you do get a lot for your money.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

This one gives you access to an impressive 1.4 million chords and tabs and is the largest collection of chords, tabs, lyrics in the world. You can search for a song, rating, tuning, and difficulty level. It is a subscription-based service which is a con if you would rather buy the app. It has many pop up videos as well.


Yousician gives you the tools to learn, create and play your favourite music. It is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced musicians. It has step-by-step tutorials and has over 1,500 exercises and musicians. It is perfect for self-learners, teachers. It is free but has the option to buy in-app purchases. It is a subscription service for the year which costs $119. This is a bit expensive for many. It’s free with an option to buy in-app purchases.

Ukulele Companion

‎Ukulele Companion
Price: Free+

This app is only for iOS devices and is only available on the app store. It is free but has in-app purchases. It has a tuner, chord charts, many display options, and a metronome to name just a few of the features. The skins and alternate tunings cost extra, but otherwise, it is an excellent app with many features.


Price: Free+

This is a free app, and all you need to get started is to create an account to access the full lyrics that are available. Unless you are on the website you cannot change the key but it is user-friendly, and you can sync edited tabs via the iCloud. It also has auto scroller and chord transposer as well as soprano and baritone tuning.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

This app has an impressive collection of songs, and it has many tabs including uke tabs. It is a subscription of $5.99 a month or $39.00 a year. The Ultimate Pro subscription has unlimited access to the premium content of the app as well as features.

iUke – Learn and Play Ukulele Songs

This ukulele app has only about six free songs, and you can get more by buying with vouchers. You can earn vouchers by collecting daily check-ins and by liking their site on Facebook. There are more songs available, but you can only purchase them with a credit card. You also need to visit the app daily for five consecutive days to get one voucher which can be inconvenient for some.

Overall, there are many great ukulele apps available to help you to learn how to play the uke. Many of them feel more like a game rather than a lesson, and they will help you to learn how to play a real instrument. Many of the apps available are free as well but if you want to get access to the full ukulele app or to additional songs that are available it may be necessary to make an in-app purchase or get a subscription.


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